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a bit about us

Nick and Beth Lippold run Inspired Dog Graphic Design out of Pasco, Washington. Inspired Dog has a history in graphic design that dates to the mid 1980's when founder and graphic artist, Nicholas Lippold started his career as a design and printing assistant in Kennewick, Washington. From there Nick earned his Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design from Western Washington University in Bellingham. Beth and Nick met during college in Bellingham, Washington and have been married and working together since 1990. Inspired Dog has now been in Pasco for over 20 years, working with local businesses, non-profits and community organizations.


Nick has served on the board of directors at The Franklin County Historical Society Museum in Pasco, and Modern Living Services in Kennewick.


Beth holds a degree in Sociology from Western Washington University. She began her career as an Intake Social Worker for The Salvation Army Men's Emergency Shelter in Olympia. Beth is currently full time as a Social Worker with the State of Washington. Though that takes most of her energy, she still has enough left to help with creative thinking, content creation, and support. 

When away from the office, Nick and Beth spend their time out and about in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, and beyond. Traveling with Cocker Spaniels, Guinness and Nellie harnessed safely in the back seat, and Boomer always in our hearts. From the desert hills of the East through the mountains to the West, they find clarity and inspiration for their work back home. Give them a call, they are always up for a chat over coffee at a local shop or a beer at a regional micro-brewery.

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