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Who's a Good Boy?

I connected with Inspired Dog through a previous colleague.  Our organization had completed a name change, and we were looking at designing a new logo, brochures, website, etc. After my first meeting with Nick, I thought, ‘This is exactly who we need to help us with this very important project.’ Nick came to the office to learn about our work to get a really good sense of who we are, and the message we were trying to convey.  Our entire team is so pleased with the work he did.  More importantly, he made sure that everyone felt part of the process and that we were happy with the end results.  It has been a pleasure to work with Nick.

Leticia Garcia

Executive Director

The Lighthouse — Advocacy, Prevention, and Education Center


A local print shop recommended Nick to design my business logo. I called and told him I had a design roughed out - I could send it. Nick suggested meeting over coffee instead. Ok, sure. Over coffee I learned about Nick's travels as a military brat (I thanked him, because the whole family sacrifices), common interests, etc. But Nick learned much more about me - he probed and he listened. The several design options I received back were far superior to my own concept, and much closer to representing who I am. I settled on a design that integrated my love of the Tri-Cities with my public relations business: digital audio bars in the shape of the Cable Bridge. "Why the blue and orange color scheme?" "It reflects your pride in your Air Force career, and your love of the New York Mets." He absolutely nailed it. Graphic pros at my former workplace were impressed, specifically citing the cable bridge/audio bar design, and the fonts Nick chose (because fonts matter). He's now working on my website, and throughout has offered very solid business advice to assist in my new venture. Tremendously pleased.

Mike Paoli, Lt. Col.

U.S. Air Force retired

Not only does Nick create phenomenal work but he had me cracking up throughout the whole process. Nick is a pleasure to work with and he blows me away every time. I have used him on two occasions for photo projects and he is fantastic! They always turn out better than I could have imagined. It's apparent that he has fun designing and I'll be sending all my future projects to him so he can turn them into expert-level masterpieces.

Michelle Giangualano, RPR, CCR

Official Court Reporter for Benton & Franklin Counties Superior Court

Putting aside the excellent well crafted design I think it's more interesting to note where this business is coming from. Helping those who might otherwise not have access to design services of this level. We need more of this in a world driven by cold dead cash.

Gerard van Schip

KPMG Ignition Tokyo

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